M3极速手机无线充电器,是专为无线充电领域打造的个人用品。M3之所以能从“工具”进化到“物品”,得益于我们对产品的多创新设计。 充电速度缓慢是多数用户对无线充电的固有印象,得益M3有别于竞品的全新设计,产品正面是无线充发射,背部镜子和支架的设计,有效将热量传导到产品背部;再加上全新的芯片快充电路设计,相较于过去的产品充电速度,提升至200% (充电速度持续提升中)。 (室内恒温25℃测试;测试手机为iPhoneX) 好的“物品”需要满足舒适、耐用,并能融入到生活环境中。M3有别于市面99%的产品都采用单一几何造型,独特的皮革支架设计和满足多角度的磁吸翻转设计让用户爱不释手。每个颜色单独一个纹路表达的是设计师的产品情调。无论是在办公室,还是会客厅或者卧室,M3都能做到既便利实用,也赏心悦目。 无意识设计,融入到产品使用的方方面面,也是来自于对用户体验的反复推敲。无论是Type-C不分正反插拔,还是立式支架磁吸轻松到位,或是手机型号自适配高速快充,再或是支架支持手机横竖都能充的便利,甚至连灯光逻辑都做了大幅的优化,采用蓝灯工作/红灯异常的直觉应用设计。这些都只为了能打造一款有生命力的数码“物品”。
M3 high-speed wireless charger is a personal accessory for the wireless charging field. M3 has evolved from “tools” to “things” thanks to our innovative designs for our products.
The slow charging speed is the inherent impression of most users on wireless charging. M3 is different from the new design of competing products. The front of the product is wireless charging, the back mirror, and the bracket are designed to effectively transfer heat to the back of the product; The new chip fast charging circuit design is up to 200% compared to the past product charging speed (the speed is still improving). (The test environment is a constant temperature 25 ° C; the test phone is iPhone X)
Good “things” need to be comfortable, durable and integrated into the living environment. M3 is completely different from 99% of the products in the market with such single shapes. The unique leather bracket design and multi-angle magnetic flip design make the user love it. A single texture for each color expresses the designer's product mood. Whether in the office, living room or bedroom,  M3 is both convenient and practical.
Unconscious design, integrated into all aspects of product use, is also derived from the repeated scrutiny of the user experience. Whether it's Type-C, so easy to plug in, or vertical stand magnetic, it's easy to get in place, or the phone model is self-adapting for high-speed fast charging, or both support the phone with charging by standing or thwart, even the lighting logic greatly optimized, using the blue light work / red light stop intuitive application design. These are just to create a living digital “things" for people.